AWS Cloud - Beginner to Advanced

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Unleash Your AWS Potential: Our dynamic curriculum, carefully sculpted from foundational AWS principles to cutting-edge specialties, is your secret weapon for mastering the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification. Dive into a captivating blend of theory and hands-on experience, charting a course to triumph in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud architecture. Elevate your expertise, exceed expectations, and transform into an AWS Solutions Architect extraordinaire!

Course Summary

Acquire a solid foundation in AWS, starting with an introduction to AWS Cloud, IAM, and AWS CLI. Progress to EC2 fundamentals, security, and instance management. Explore IaaS, covering EBS, high availability, and scalability. Delve into RDS, Aurora, and ElastiCache. Advance to specialized services like Route 53, S3, and VPC, and grasp monitoring tools like CloudWatch. Conclude with disaster recovery, migrations, and a comprehensive understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and best practices.

Course Curriculum